Peter Walker

JP74 are an emerging technology consultancy.

We explore and grow new ideas; making the most of what already exists, and creating what doesn’t.

The digital landscape is constantly changing with the introduction of new concepts and improvements in current tech. We work by implementing a series of smaller component parts within a large infrastructure which then allows for agility in implementing new technologies.

We work with businesses to identify and address their problem areas and business needs. We get to know key stakeholders as well as pivotal business practises, gathering as much information and example data as we can. Our team of consultants then analyse this data alongside the information gathered on business practises and current issues to produce a report outlining our recommendations for a phased approach.

We encourage clients to look closely at their businesses’ processes and practises with a view to preparing them for future technological advances. One simple, seemingly small adjustment can pave the way for the digital transformation process generating enough savings to fuel the continuation of the transformation. We also have found that this approach results in a greater staff buy in and enables change to happen smoothly and efficiently.

We always look at what technology already exists, especially if it is already used by a company, as well as looking ahead to what is happening within Industry 4.0 and emerging tech. This allows your business to be on the front foot and prepared for digital change.

As well as being emerging technology consultants, JP74 also generate IP and proof of business proposals in partnership with other companies and individuals.

Current technologies we are looking at include Machine Learning, Big Data, LiDAR sensors and AI.

Clients include Egencia, D&AD, Petal, Urban Splash, Arjo Wiggins, Panaz and Birchall Food Services.