Think Tank 3 – Foolproof Futureproof

This June, UCLan’s Lancashire Forum Creative in conjunction with Digital Lancashire, brings our creative and digital sector a trio of Think Tanks

all under the banner of ‘The 2021 Survival Kit’.  The third of our series is Think Tank 3 – Foolproof Futureproof

Underpinned with a theme of resilience, this session will look at ways in which businesses can better manage the pace of change, as we saw a year ago. Whether this is in how teams plan for change or learning from futurologists about what might be on the horizon, this session is intended to have participants feel they are better able to manage uncertain futures.

Our Experts on the Day

Dr Nicola Millard

Dr Nicola Millard  is BT’s principal innovation partner. She’s a presenter, writer and researcher on people-centred innovation in customer experience, digital workplace and the future of work within BT. Not only that, she is s an award-winning presenter, with two TED talks and hundreds of conference panel, chair and keynote sessions under her belt. With her PhD from Lancaster University, Nicola has authored over 50 publications.

Dan Sodergren

Dan Sodergren is a digital marketing and tech expert off the BBC and Co Founder Of Your FLOCK. With 25+ years in all round marketing, 20+ years experience in B2C marketing, 15+ in B2B marketing, 14+ years in Digital and 8+ years in Social and Mobile Marketing, as a futurist Dan has been successfully seeing the future in technology for over a decade, and regularly shares his expertise on radio and TV. Dan will show you the three tools you need to use to survive in the furture world.

This is an event not to be missed!

Think Tank 3 – Foolproof Futureproof