Skills Scrum – How To Ace Your Work Game.

Introducing Society 1 Skills Scrum
These bite-sized learning sessions, open to anyone to attend, cover simple topics in practical ways, which you can easily apply to support you and your business. Regular in house sessions at Society1 hosted by members and friends of the Society1 Community, you don't have to be a member to attend simply sign up for the session via this link.

They are small focused groups designed to be help and support you in a specific area within your business.

Date And Time: Friday 18th October 2019, 10am to 12pm. 

Location: Society1, 9-10 Cross Street, Preston, PR1 3LT.

How To Ace Your Work Game.

Simple Steps To Improve Your Productivity, Wellbeing & Business Performance.

Brought to you by Michelle Bondesio, Growth Sessions in association with Society1.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your daily grind? Struggling to focus on what’s important? Wishing you could be less busy but get more done? On the edge of burnout? Looking for ways to work better?

When we work on our own or in small teams, we often fill many more roles, and it’s easy to feel inundated. Our digital tools and organisational systems are meant to help us manage our business better. Yet how we engage with them can also hinder our output, productivity, health and wellbeing. This has a real impact on our business success and bottom line.

Join Michelle Bondesio, a communications consultant, business mentor and the founder of Growth Sessions, to learn more about the actions you can take to optimise your workplace habits, behaviours and practices.

This Skills Scrum session is for creative freelancers, digitally-focused business owners and entrepreneurs, and will cover:

  1. The impact our tech-focused culture has on wellbeing and business performance.
  2. How our existing working behaviours are affecting our output, creativity and productivity, without us realising it.
  3. How we can change our work styles to better support us, so we can feel more fulfilled, make more money and do our best work.

What are Growth Sessions?

Growth Sessions are a platform for raising awareness, sharing tools and exploring ideas which empower you to improve your habits, strengthen your wellbeing, and activate more of your potential. The aim of the Growth Sessions talks, workshops and online training is to support business professionals, creative thinkers, and people working in the digital sphere, to live and work better.

Feedback from other Growth Sessions Workshops:

  • “I recently attended a Growth Sessions workshop on Technology and Wellbeing and it was insightful and full of practical actions. Highly recommended.”
  • “The Digital Health workshop was well presented with clear info. A great synthesis of a wide range of tools and knowledge.”
  • “The Technology & Wellbeing workshop was interesting, topical, relevant. Very informative. It’s relatable for all people and all work sectors.”
  • “I could personally relate to many aspects mentioned in the digital health workshop. Very clear and examples given allowed for easy understanding.”
Skills Scrum – How To Ace Your Work Game.
  • Date 18/10/2019
  • Time 10:00 am
  • Cost free