Publication Launch: AI for Services 2020 Report

10am to 12pm

The AI for Services team from KTN is hosting a virtual launch for the publication of a UK wide industry mapping report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data technologies for the accountancy, insurance and legal services sectors.

The report will offer new insights into the aspects shaping innovation in the accountancy, insurance and legal sectors, current areas of strengths and specialisms, market uptake, as well as the challenges and barriers facing both companies seeking to adopt and startups seeking to innovate.

The services sector dominates the UK economy, accounting for approximately 80% of UK gross domestic product (GDP) and employing around 85% the UK workforce. The legal, financial and insurance, and accountancy services sectors are a particular strength of the UK accounting for more than 12% of UK output. Given its significance, adoption of AI and data technologies could have far-reaching economic effects for the UK.

AI & Data high growth startups, leading accountancy, insurance and law firms, R&D organisations, service providers, professional bodies and academics took part in online surveys and in depth-interviews to inform some of the key findings of the report. A series of specific case studies provide further tangible examples of how AI and data technologies can bring benefits to the services sector.

This event is particularly relevant to firms in these three sectors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data businesses, Universities and Research Organisations. The report aims to help business executives, policymakers, investors, and educators make better decisions supporting the leadership position of the UK in the global high-value services sector.

A fantastic line up of speakers will be discussing the aspects shaping innovation in the services sectors including Susanne Chishti, CEO of Fintech Circle and Co-Editor of the FINTECH Book Series, Craig Civil, Head of Data Innovation, R&D and Analytics, Data Lab, Lloyd’s, Katherine Briscoe, CEO Legal Beagles, Shamus Rae, CEO Engine B.

Outline Agenda

10:00 – Welcome: Andy Curtis: Head of Digital Economy and Creative Industries at Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

10:05 – Keynote: Susanne Chishti: CEO of FINTECH Circle and Co-Editor of the FINTECH Book Series

10:20 – Report Overview: Astrid Ayel – AI for Services Lead, KTN and Daniel Herr – Senior Economic Consultant, London Economics

11.05 – Sector Perspectives:

Speaker Panel:

  • Craig Civil – Head of Data Innovation, R&D and Analytics, Data Lab, Lloyd’s
  • Katherine Briscoe – CEO, LegalBeagles
  • Shamus Rae – CEO, Engine B

Panel chaired by: Stephen Browning, Next Generation Services Challenge Director, UK Research and Innovation

11:40 – Live Q&A

12:00 – Event Close

All delegates will receive in their inbox a free copy of the AI for Services Showcase report. In addition, one signed copy of each of the Fintech Book Series including The AI Book, The LegalTECH Book and The InsurTECH Book will be given to one lucky delegate.

Publication Launch: AI for Services 2020 Report