Knowledge Transfer Network: Encouraging Women in AI

Diversity is still a major issue for most sectors and tech companies are no different. But diversity is also majorly beneficial if it can be achieved.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing our world, but how will the sector be able to meet the needs of a diverse population if it is being shaped by a small section of society?

In 2019 Nesta reported that less than 14% of AI researchers were women, with numbers decreasing over the last 10 years, and that women are more likely to consider societal, ethical and political matters in their work on AI.

There are numerous amounts of evidence that show that gender diversity is beneficial to organisations.

So why is it the case that AI is still predominantly male?

This 2-hour workshop aims to explore this. Drawing on participants experience and the barriers that they have faced, and asking “What could be the short and long-term solutions?”. We then aim to work together to help tackle the issues raised, and help develop KTN’s support for Women in AI.

Knowledge Transfer Network: Encouraging Women in AI