Could We Hack Your Business?

Due in part to the new ways of working, 2020 saw an increase of cyber attacks on small businesses

with pressure both financial and with that on equipment. The question is now more important than ever, could my business be hacked? This online event will help businesses understand more about cybersecurity and methods to defend and protect their business from data breaches. This will provide participating SMEs with a greater understanding of the potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities within their organisation. SMEs should leave the event with a greater knowledge of real-world examples of business risk, and knowledge of commercially available support, and innovative support available from LCF.

Key Speakers

Rick Derbyshire, Ethical Hacker, LU Hack, Geraint Harries, Technical Manager, LCF and Lisa Edge, Director, GB Shared. Rebecca Robinson, Project Manager, LCF.

Lancaster University’s Cyber Foundry Team will deliver the event.


If you have any questions about the event, please contact Gemma Collins, LCF Business Partnerships Officer

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Could We Hack Your Business?