Defence against the Dark Arts: A Guided Tour of the DarkNet

You are invited to this insightful and interactive session delivered by Eddie Lamb from Hiscox’s CyberClear Centre, who will be bringing to life how hackers target and exploit individuals and organisations online. Join us on this exclusive tour where you will gain real-world exposure of the DarkNet, look at the various hacking tools and techniques available and build a better understanding of the part we can all play in reducing cyber risk.

The session will explore:

  • What are the latest cyber threats we face and how has this has evolved over time?
  • Why do hackers target us, and how do they actually operate?
  • Who exactly are the hooded figures we see depicted in the media, and how do we protect ourselves from the harm they can cause?
  • How do hackers avoid detection and remain anonymous?
  • Why is the DarkNet so popular with hackers?
  • The effectiveness of different types of security control and how they are used to combat particular threats?

This hour long ZOOM session will include a presentation, a hands-on demonstration and instruction on the use of common hacking tools, followed by a ‘guided tour’ of the DarkNet via The Onion Router, finishing off with an interactive dialogue on the effectiveness of different types of security control and why we use them.

Please note: There are only limited places available for this event, so if you register and can no longer attend please do let us know so we can make the place available again. This event is also strictly for attendees 18 years and over.

About Eddie Lamb

Eddie Lamb is a member of the CyberClear Center (C3 ) and responsible for cyber education and advisory services at Hiscox.

Hiscox C3 is a global team of cyber experts who provide support and consistency across all business units; including the delivery of products and services to Clients.

Eddie’s 20 year career spans cryptanalytics (the hacking of encrypted messages) to Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) roles. He has previously worked with British Intelligence and a variety of well-known consultancy firms in senior executive roles – including Managing Director appointments.

Defence against the Dark Arts: A Guided Tour of the DarkNet