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This isn’t just a directory of members. Not really. Think of it as an extension of your contacts – a repository of digital talent who, as suppliers, collaborators or staff, can help take your business further. To connect with the people here, join us.

Phil Owen Senior Business Engagement Officer (Digital) Martin Peters Finance and Business Consultant Zain Javed Xyone Cyber Security Tom Marriott Digital Marketing Punk Rachel Lee Travel VR content developers Iain Hossack Managing Director Anthony Mercer Artist and Animator test account magma test Clare Burns sell a hair dryer online Raimy Greenland Digital Marketing Assistant andrei apostolache Innovate | Automate | Digital Jonathan Masey Founder of Orion Systems ltd Brian Morrison Online Marketing Manager Natalie Santamera Campaign and Content Manager Matthew Schofield ICT Support #wfh Sean Redfearn Technology & Marketing Richard Stephenson Crisis Comms & digital media James Birchall Marketing Manager Mark Preston Straight-Talking SEO Trainer Karl Bibby Software engineer Quentin James Freelance Graphic Designer Craig Cooper Shopify Ecommerce Expert Natalie George Online digital Art Platform Jo Dootson fortune holidays Luxury Travel plan promdress meuk Beach wedding dresses uk Katie Atkinson Management Consultant Alex Labelle Graphic Designer Keara Lynch TBC John Paul Toher Conversation Design.
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