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Hot off the press is a new report, revealing Lancashire’s major strengths and its significant growth potential within the digital and technology sectors. Produced by Lancashire County Council, and supported by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, the 20-page report, entitled Lancashire’s Digital Economy, was launched at Fraser House in Lancaster as part of the Lancashire Innovation Festival.

The report’s key findings include the overall economic value of county’s digital and technology sector (over £1bn), the number of digital and technology businesses based in Lancashire (over 4,000), and the number of digital and technology professionals employed across the sector (over 30,000).

The research further shows that Lancashire’s technology economy has grown by 28% over the last five years, and that it is expected to grow three times faster than the county’s overall economic growth between now and 2028.  The study also looks at specific sectors such as telecoms and computing (the county’s two largest tech sectors) and reveals that wireless communications has increased by 30% in the last five years while the computing sector grew by 20%.

Commenting on the report, Lancashire County Council’s Innovation and Digital Lead Maya Ellis, said:

“This report demonstrates that in addition to having a significant tech-based economy, the county has all the elements needed to grow as a major centre of world-class digital innovation and commercialisation.

We have major industrial sectors already based here who need advanced digital services, proprietary applications and robust cyber security to stay competitive, all of which they can access without having to go outside the county. This is complemented by an agile and responsive supply chain supporting  dynamic and emerging markets such as 5G, Digital Heath, AgriTech, MarineTech, Future Mobility, Digital Retail and CleanTech.”

The new research coincides with a separate survey by TechNation recently published by the Digital Economy Council and Tech Nation which found that Preston is the fastest growing city in the UK for IT-related careers.

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Lancashire’s Digital Economy: Report