News / eBusiness UK helps North East Supermarket Expand Across the UK

Blackburn-based web development and digital marketing agency eBusiness UK has won the
contract to deliver search engine optimisation (SEO) to the supermarket HIYOU as it begins
to expand its reach across the countr

HIYOU is a popular supermarket, well-known in the Newcastle area for stocking foods and
other products sourced from Asia, particularly China.

Now the owners hope that they can capitalise on their ecommerce investment and promote
the brand beyond the North East, winning over customers from the length and breadth of the

A key part of this strategy will be to boost their brand online, especially on major search
engines. With an estimated 70% cent of web traffic beginning with a search engine query,
visibility is vital to making sales online. And because 50% of Google users only click the top
three results, and fewer than 10% click on to the second page of results, a successful SEO
campaign will make all the difference.

HIYOU awarded the contract to eBusiness UK, which has been providing digital marketing
services for more than 20 years, after the firm submitted the most impressive proposal.

Jun Lau, owner of HIYOU, said: “We spoke to three digital marketing specialists and
eBusiness UK was clearly the best fit for us. They asked the most insightful questions about
what we are hoping to achieve and submitted the most in-depth plan showing how we could
reach our goals.

“Our approach has always been much more modern than traditional Asian supermarkets and
our investment in ecommerce and SEO is an example of this.”
Latif Kothia, director of eBusiness UK, said: “HIYOU is a great company with huge potential
for national growth and Jun Lau is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who has the vision and
insight to create something great. We are excited to be a part of this project and can’t wait to
see what we can help them achieve.”

eBusiness UK helps North East Supermarket Expand Across the UK