News / How Do Technology Professionals Use Local Informal Meetups?

A recent report has been conducted by Digital Creativity Labs from the University of York, looking at the how tech based meetups are used by technology professionals and the impact they have on the community and participants.

Local meetings organised by and for technology professionals have grown rapidly in size, reach and scope in recent years. Despite this, however, little is known about how participating in such communities impacts local professionals.

The report shows that that most participants in technology meetups are relatively experienced. 80% of Meetup participants said they had learned something useful for their work at a meeting, and more than three quarters have also have been in touch with someone they met at a meetup, suggesting that meetups are important ways to make contacts and spread knowledge for technology professionals.

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In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, further research is now planned to look at how the crisis has affected North West based meetup communities and to identify if lockdown is having different impacts for different parts of the country.

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How Do Technology Professionals Use Local Informal Meetups?