News / Lancaster-based Miralis Hires Four Following New Client Wins in Lockdown

Miralis, the Lancaster-based data science consultancy and software development company, has announced four new appointments following a series of client wins and projects. 

Due to the huge impact of Covid-19 on logistics and supply chains, Miralis, which focuses its work on reducing transport-based carbon emissions, has seen a significant rise in work across the range of its optimisation portfolio since the beginning of the crisis.

New projects include a large project for a French multinational to optimise its logistics operations in North America; work for a UK supermarket to further optimise its home delivery service, including improved vehicle routing and slot management enhancements; and Estee Lauder, Heineken, Iceland Manufacturing and Irishbreeze have all recently adopted Miralis’ packaging and pallet optimisation products to reduce logistics costs.

Michael Gibson, Managing Director at Miralis Data, said:

“We’ve been inundated with enquiries from the UK to South Africa and Turkey, as companies deal with the enormous disruption to supply chain logistics caused by the coronavirus. Companies realise they need to change so their systems can use their own and external data to help them be more resilient, ensure quality service for their customers, reduce emissions and at the same time become more efficient and save costs”.

On the electric vehicles and energy management side of Miralis, the company is delivering an electric vehicle charge point management system – as part of a consortium which includes Norwegian energy giant Statkraft, charge point manufacturer EO, Durham County Council and Charge My Street – to rollout 200 electric vehicle charge points across the North of England. 

It has also won a contract with the Department for Transport to look at delivering a software solution to aid electric vehicle transition, and is working on a community energy project in Yorkshire to deliver integrated renewable energy, battery storage and electric vehicle charging. 

To support this work, Dr Matt Ruffoni has joined as Technical Director from the Manchester office of infrastructure specialist Amey. Matt worked as Principal Strategic Consultant on projects for Transport for Scotland, Network Rail and Metrolink. Martin Peters joins from Nielsen House to become Finance Director. David Rabbich and John Cranston, from Cloud Commerce Pro, also join the business as Senior Developer and Front-End Developer. 

Additionally, academics Dr Ahmed Kheiri and Alexander Bader have become Associates.

Dr Will Maden, Analytics Director at Miralis Data, added:

“It’s great to have been able to grow our team, even while we’re working from home during the coronavirus crisis. We’re thrilled to have these hugely talented data science and software development experts join us and get straight to work on our new projects as we continue to grow. With more projects due to close shortly, our team will expand again over the coming months”.

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Lancaster-based Miralis Hires Four Following New Client Wins in Lockdown