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There is no denying the seismic impact caused by COVID-19 on every echelon of our society. For some people, the pandemic has proved opportunistic but for others devastating. In response and to offer our support during this challenging time, we have launched a free trial membership that will run until the end of August 2020.

Why Join Digital Lancashire: What’s in it for me?

1. Raise your Profile within the Sector

Whether by using your Digital Lancashire membership profile, attending our events or simply by tapping into our broader membership base, you can raise your visibility with other key figures within the membership base and beyond, as the reach and collective voice of Digital Lancashire continues to gain momentum.

2. Collaborate with Like-Minded Individuals

As an organisation that was started by a handful of digital businesses, we understand the power of collaboration. It’s why being a Digital Lancashire member allows you to connect with other businesses and peets from within the digital and tech sector. You can share opportunities, share best practice, hints and tips and knowledge. Our extensive, strong and energetic membership network also means you’ll have the digital community at your fingertips.

3. Boost Your PR & Communications

If you’ve got news to tell, we can shout about it, loud and proud. As a Digital Lancashire member, you will be able to publish your articles on our site, which we’ll continue to share on our social media channels and where possible, on our regular newsletter too. It’s not just news you can publish – you can promote upcoming events, opportunities and jobs!

4. Save Time and Get Ahead

We sift and filter through the latest industry trends, insights and news, especially where it impacts Lancashire digital and tech businesses. We work tirelessly for our sector behind the scenes, influencing policy, pushing progress and contributing to other external publications.

5. Business Development Support and Guidance

The power of of our network at Digital Lancashire means we can help you access sector specialists and opportunities across the digital and broader business areas. We signpost, we connect and we support our members to be more successful more of the time.

6. Access to Industry Relevant Resources

It isn’t just about the multitude of benefits our website provides you with, it’s also the research we conduct and access that we share that can give you insight you need. From quick snapshot polls to deep-dive reports into the skills agenda in Lancashire, we are helping to highlight our strengths, identify potential opportunities and find where we can strengthen our digital and tech sector here in Lancashire.

7. Strengthen Your Business and Bolster the Digital Ecosystem

We provide leading experts at our events to provide our members with the latest and best advice on a number of topics that can help your business; from funding and finance to skills and scale-up, we want to help you build business resilience. And it’s not just our own events we push and promote – if we spot something that will help make you stronger, we’ll signpost the way!

8. Demonstrate Lancashire’s World Leading Digital Sector

We know how brilliant Lancashire’s digital sector is – now we want the rest of the world to know. Becoming a Digital Lancashire member helps us map our achievements and vitally, makes Lancashire an even better, stronger and dynamic place for digital and tech businesses to flourish – no matter of size or scale. Our sector has and continues to prove its resilience and together, with your input we can ensure Lancashire is fully recognised for all its achievements and successes and continues to be as innovative and adaptable as it can be – on the local, national and global stage.   

Join Digital Lancashire today.

We are here to offer support, advice and guidance, whether you choose to join our DL_community slack group, register for one of our regular events or you’re simply looking to expand your network via our member directory – together we are stronger! 

The ambition of Digital Lancashire is huge. Our aim is to help businesses thrive and grow, by providing support, benefits and opportunities that benefit you, your business and your employees. Our purpose has remained unchanged throughout these unprecedented times, and if anything, the current uncertainty has simply reinforced the importance of collaboration, sharing knowledge and forging strong networks across the sector.

If you would like to discover more about us, call the team today on 01772 846 221, email or simply sign up today here

Be Part of Our Digital Community; Reasons to join Digital Lancashire