News / National Appeal Launched To Help Reduce the Digital Divide

UK gadget owners are being encouraged to donate devices they no longer need to help those lacking connectivity during lockdown.

The Great British Tech Appeal has been launched by Vodafone and charity Barnardo’s in an effort to help those without adequate digital access to online education and other services.

Millions of people have turned to technology during the coronavirus lockdown to work, study and stay in touch with friends and family, but the appeal warns that thousands of people – particularly children – are unable to access technology.

The appeal hopes to redistribute devices to around 10,000 disadvantaged children, families and charity workers who support them.

Vodafone sim cards
(Matt Alexander/PA)

A report by Barnardo’s indicates that “digital poverty” affects the ability of many children and young people from keeping in touch with support staff.

As part of the tech appeal, people can offer to donate devices by filling in an online form and will be sent a donation kit which includes a flattened freepost box and prepaid returns envelope.

Every device received will be data wiped, reboxed with a cable and charger and redistributed with the help of the appeal’s charity partners.

Vodafone chief executive Nick Jeffery said: “Our focus throughout this crisis has been keeping the UK connected.

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National Appeal Launched To Help Reduce the Digital Divide