News / 21Digital Clients See Surge In Lockdown Sales

In light of the current circumstances, arguably digital has never been more important. With brick and mortar stores forced to close down in the wake of government guidance, businesses are relying more than ever on their websites and digital presences to bring in vital sources of revenue.

Savoy Timber and Butchers Equipment Warehouse are amongst the clients who’ve enlisted the SEO and PPC expertise of this Blackburn based agency to help boost their visibility in paid and organic search results. Now, this increased visibility is paying dividends in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, right when they need it most.

For nearly a decade, Savoy Timber have been relying on the digital marketing expertise of 21Digital to market its range of garden decking and kitchen worktop products, which has been successful in securing and maintaining over 900 page one rankings for Savoy Timber in Google Search Results and seen a further 345% rise in revenue for Savoy Timber.

Butchers Equipment Warehouse has also recently witnessed a range of amazing results from 21Digital’s ‘cutting edge’ campaigns, including a 63.32% rise in revenue and 77.71% in transactions.

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21Digital Clients See Surge In Lockdown Sales