News / Hints & Tips on Coping with Lockdown in ‘Creatives In Residence’

Have you seen the first in a new series of ‘Creatives In Residence’ blog posts launched by Creative Lancashire?

The blogs will share kitchen table stories from Lancashire’s creative community in lock-down and our very own Digital Lancashire Chairman, Tom Stables and Creative Director of 3manfactory offers the first blog in the series, where he gives an insight into how he and his team are adapting their work practice and coping under the current conditions.

“These are unprecedented times and we need to be kind to ourselves, and others so that when we come out the other side of this we are all safe and sane.”

“Like everyone across the UK, we’ve had a challenging few weeks here at 3manfactory, but as a team we intend to rise to them. We are continuing to help and support our clients, but looking after our own safety, mental health and wellbeing has become even more paramount, especially during the lockdown. 

Initially we focused on helping our clients prepare for and communicate their approach to dealing with the Coronavirus situation. However, we needed to ensure we were in a positive place to support this, so here is our own position in relation to tackling the ever challenging, and changing issues the Coronavirus pandemic has presented us with. 

Read the full blog here for some really useful hints and tips on best practice working during the lock down.

If you want to share how you and those in your organisations or networks are navigating these unusual and unprecedented times contact

Hints & Tips on Coping with Lockdown in ‘Creatives In Residence’