News / What a Burnley Lab Tech Company is doing to test for Coronavirus

An East Lancashire science firm says it has created tests for coronavirus which dramatically speed up the process – but it needs government help to get it rolled out.

Burnley-based Eluceda Ltd has created technology that detects the virus quicker, rather than the antibody testing done at present, but it needs a specialist lab to demonstrate the test works.

The new technology will take just 20 minutes as opposed to three days for the results to get back, according to the company.

Eluceda founder and scientist Dr Ian Eastwood said: “This is a cheap electrode test to find the virus and not the antibodies, which the Government has purchased.

“The centralised testing that is available now is too slow, as the tests have to be sent away and results come back too late, and the antibody test is simply not working.We can start the validation work in two to three weeks, but we need a new lab to do this in.This test is portable and does not need to be used in just one specialist testing place.

 “We have done our research with small fragments of the coronavirus nucleic acid sequence in our labs, but we need to take this further with the full virus.”

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What a Burnley Lab Tech Company is doing to test for Coronavirus