News / Institute of Coding Calls for an Industry Reboot

If you’ve ever wondered what the younger generation thinks about the state of the digital sector, then you’re in for a treat. The Institute of Coding (IoC) recently conducted research to discover that Gen Z believes the digital industry doesn’t have the opportunities that they need. According to the IoC, these perceptions could be stopping the next generation from entering digital careers.

Around 70% of young people believe that the coding industry is run entirely by white, British people, while more than 56% of people want more diversity, and 41% state that female role models simply aren’t present enough.

The nationwide poll of 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 18 shines a light on the state of the digital environment, and what it could mean for the next generation.

One of the biggest issues that Generation Z had with the current workplace was a lack of diversity. Around 83% said that they think the space is led almost entirely by men. What’s more, over 34% said there aren’t enough opportunities for women. One in ten respondents said that they’re actively discouraged from pursuing digital jobs and education because of the lack of diversity in the space.

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Institute of Coding Calls for an Industry Reboot