News / Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber Merger

Lancaster’s Cloud Commerce Pro Ltd and ChannelGrabber jointly announced today the acquisition of ChannelGrabber by Cloud Commerce Pro.

The merger of the two companies’ operations will create a new market leader with an unrivalled product portfolio offering the most comprehensive range of solutions for the global retail sector. The combined businesses will be headed by the collective leadership teams including serial entrepreneurs Mark Hallam, Stuart Forrest and Mike Morgan with the chairmanship of Angus MacSween, CEO of Iomart PLC.

“The combination of Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber is set to disrupt a market so far dominated by one or two software and service providers whose offerings can neither keep pace with nor meet the needs of our customers in what is a very dynamic market.” explained Cloud Commerce Pro Director, Mark Hallam. “Our two companies have collaborated for some time to provide our customers with eCommerce solutions for retailers both large and small so our merger is very definitely market- and customer-driven. Truly no other software or service provider can now rival our portfolio of retail solutions.”

ChannelGrabber has typically serviced the needs of small to mid-sized retailers who demand instant subscription, rapid setup and ease-of-use whilst Cloud Commerce Pro’s eCommerce platform offers the power, performance and adaptability needed by the more demanding mid- to large-sized omni-channel retailer.

“ChannelGrabber have established a strong reputation for technological innovation, rapid deployment and simplicity of operation. Our customers are next-generation retailers for whom technology must help them to achieve rapid growth with the minimum of administrative overhead.” said Mike Morgan, ChannelGrabber CEO, “As our customers scale their businesses, they go on to seek tailored eCommerce solutions with the depth and breadth of features and functionality hitherto only within the grasp of the very largest merchants. The Cloud Commerce Pro platform delivers just such a step-up solution seamlessly and affordably. The coming together of ChannelGrabber and Cloud Commerce Pro delivers an unrivalled range of eCommerce solutions for our customers from the startup to the large and established retailer.”


Cloud Commerce Pro provides a comprehensive set of eCommerce tools for omni-channel retailers enabling them to manage their business through multiple sales destinations through a single, powerful software platform. Their software of the same name incorporates sales and ordering systems, stock control, warehousing, shipping, accounting, customer service and much more. With solutions designed for mid- to large-sized retailers, Cloud Commerce Pro build a detailed understanding of their customers’ business and requirements before tailoring their SaaS solutions to meet those precise needs and go on to provide targeted digital marketing services to maximise sales.

ChannelGrabber builds intuitive, easy to use eCommerce software that helps retailers sell more, through any channel, delight their customers and conquer administration. Their omni-channel eCommerce platform takes minutes to set up and quickly and easily facilitates the integration of web stores and online marketplaces through a single user interface. Using ChannelGrabber’s software enables smaller to mid-sized merchants to manage listings, inventory, orders, billing, shipping and messaging all in one place saving time, increasing productivity and optimising selling performance.

Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber Merger