News / A Week in My Life: Jeremy Coates

Being honest, we really like the “A Week in My Life” and “My Startup” features that Prolific North share each week. We know a broad county such as Lancashire has plenty of stories to tell and it could be great to do something similar but with a solely Lancashire focus. If you’d be interested in taking part, please email

For now though we’ll share a snippet of what Jeremy shared with Prolific North last month. You can read in full by clicking here.

As well bring the CEO of Magma Digital, an award-winning tech and software firm based in Buckshaw, Chorley, he is also a founding member of Digital Lancashire. 


“Today I’ve got my Digital Lancashire hat on, and I’m speaking at an event for the £3 million Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund. Digital Lancashire is a community interest company which I helped found, and I now operate in the role of Vice-Chair. The company is dedicated to accelerating the digital economy in the county, something I’m really passionate about, as investment in digital skills will be a crucial platform for the future of Lancashire’s growth and success.

The event is all about communicating the aims of the new Fast Track Fund, which will support businesses in Greater Manchester and Lancashire to develop training and grow our talent in the region. Following the opening address, I steer some discussion tables on the fund and digital skills, where we discuss issues over the current shortfall in digital skills in the region and the steps forward.”



“I start the day early, and the team are looking at bit worse for wear! But great news, we won last night, so the award is going up in our trophy cabinet!

After catching up on the gossip from last night, we go into a full team meeting and planning for the following week. After that, I head to a meeting with a new client who is having a problem filling some vacancies in their IT department. This is common in the industry we work in – there is a shortage of the right talent, and it’s something that as a county and a country we need to continue to address. For this client, we offer one of our ‘hot seat’ models; basically, we provide a member of staff to fill their vacancy role in the short term, a near-sourced solution that enables them to operate, while a longer-term solution exploration occurs.”

A Week in My Life: Jeremy Coates