News / Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust increase their use of digital health apps

The Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust recently discussed their use of digital health apps with PHARMAfield. The article explored, “Embedding patient-centric care with digital health apps”. 

“Health professionals see apps as a crucial step on the road to care that is more efficient and more patient centered than today. How can patients be sure that they’re getting the accurate information they need?”

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Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust hadn’t consistently used digital solutions as part of therapy but saw that patients were increasingly on digital media. When the Trust provided its staff with access to the ORCHA platform, the eating disorder team immediately saw the potential and now prescribes health apps to supplement and enhance its therapy.

Dr Hannah Wilson, Clinical Psychologist, explained: “I’ve found apps especially helpful when a patient is waiting to start their treatment. Although the team always strives to offer treatment to someone within a short space of time, sadly there is often a wait between assessment and treatment. This way I can recommend apps that can start to help them in that time.”

“For me, eating disorders are complex. An app by itself is unlikely to be enough to enable a patient to recover, but I have found that they support, supplement and back up sessions. The apps enable patients to receive some support between appointments. For example, they help people to more accurately monitor what we have asked them to, be it their mood or what they’ve eaten. People carry their phone everywhere and so are much more likely to simply and discreetly make a note, rather than pull a piece of paper that could be spotted by others or lost. Apps can also provide a source of motivation to help patients keep to their treatment plans. Some also provide practical assistance with meal planning.”

“Our clients of all ages use apps every day. If we can become part of that world, we can become more effective and sustainable. Apps also provide a great tool for patients to use long after they have been discharged from our service, to help maintain their progress and stay well.”

** ORCHA is the World’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation. They help governments, health and social care organisations to choose and deliver health apps that will safely make the biggest impact in terms of improving outcomes. Our tools help health professionals to prescribe and monitor usage of health apps. They’re proven to increase take-up and self-management of conditions.

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Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust increase their use of digital health apps