News / Digital Health interviews Ayesha Rahim, CCIO from Lancashire Care

In this interview with Digital Health, Ayesha Rahim chats about why the NHS needs to “skill-up” its leaders if it hopes to achieve true digital transformation, and explains why empowering patients is the key to exceptional healthcare.

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Below is a selection of some of the questions they asked Ayesha;

When did your interest in IT begin?

Tech at home has always been a part of my life since being a child. I remember very clearly getting our first family computer (an Amstrad) for Christmas one year. I also recall my dad having one of the first mobile phones which looked like a brick (and was about as heavy too). As time has gone on I got involved in IT projects at work, and realised the importance of clinical input in developing these systems right from the start.

What’s the largest barrier the NHS faces overall in achieving digital transformation?

I think we need to skill-up our senior leaders to help people feel more comfortable with technology, and to show them what the “art of the possible” is. We need to be more explicit in demonstrating what the real clinical benefits are, and importantly how we need solid investment to properly resource this agenda in order to realise the benefits.

If you were given £30 million to spend on digital transformation within your trust, where would that money go?

I would love to invest in more patient-facing technology – being able to deliver therapies and consultations remotely would really help us manage the challenges of our geography, which includes some remote, rural locations. We already use Skype for staff meetings extensively, so it isn’t as big a leap to extend that to our service users.

Similarly, I’d like to be able to make use of patient portals to help people access their own records, contribute meaningfully to their care plans and play a bigger role in managing their own conditions – healthcare is at its best when we empower patients in this way.

Find out more about Ayesha by watching this short film.

Digital Health interviews Ayesha Rahim, CCIO from Lancashire Care