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Digital Lancashire board member and local employer. Jeremy Coates recently joined other stakeholders at the second Lancashire Technical Education conference. 


Held on the 24th May at Barton Grange Hotel, near Preston, they heard from businesses and colleges involved at the forefront of technical education which will be staged in from September 2020. 


To view the Lancashire Technical Education Vision, please click here.


The first T-Level option from September 2020 will be digital production, design and development. From September 2021 this will expand to include digital business services and digital support and services. More information can be found by clicking here.


Every T Level will include an industry placement with an employer focused on developing the practical and technical skills required for the occupation. These will last a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days) but can last longer. Employers can offer industry placements as a block, day release or a mix of these, and can discuss sharing part of the placement with another employer if necessary.

Commenting on the industry placement, Jeremy said; “The new T-Level work placements provide several opportunities for employers, they enable employers to offer meaningful placements to learners, when compared with 1-2 week placements, and at the same time the chance to grow their teams through providing supervision opportunities to staff.

Additionally, 315 – 420 hours in workplaces via T-Level work placements, potentially offer one of the best pre-employment interview processes available, embedding the learner directly into the work environment where they become exposed to the full culture and spectrum of operations of the organisation, giving them a real chance to show their potential for growth.”

You can also click here to read what Jeremy and others said at the launch event last year.

Technical Education Vision for Lancashire