News / “Why aren’t there more women in tech?”

Just last week we held a Women in Tech event in Lancaster in collaboration with Louiza from the Ladies Wine Design, Lancaster chapter.

As well as revealing a new brand identity for the Women in Tech group [thanks to Louiza!], there was also a panel discussion led by the woman herself, Louiza Rabouhi featuring Becky Lois Burns from Textile Candy, Rebecca Hull from Single Malt Design, Jane Roo and Claire Wilson from Graham & Brown. 

Located upstairs in The Herbarium – a recently restored building in Lancaster which attracts not only digital and creative professionals but also filmmakers, artists, students and yoga enthusiasts to name but a few, the evening began informally over wine, infused water and nibbles [don’t be fooled by the green avocado looking one – it was actually a pea smash…delicious!]

Moving through to an adjoining room there was an influx of people at the last minute, almost doubling the number of people in the room. A quick introduction from Mark about the role of Digital Lancashire, Louiza shared the new brand identity and then it was time to make a start on the panel discussion.

Prior to the event, we hoped the whole room would get involved in the discussions and it was great to see that happen so quickly. It became clear that there is a definite shift towards values-led working relationships regardless of gender or age but improvements still need to be made when it comes to flexi-time and remote working for everyone. The idea of reverse learning/mentoring came up in conversation and we’d be interested to know if anyone has taken part in this? Drop an email to if you’re willing to share your experience. 

When asked about why there aren’t more women in ‘tech’, Rebecca pointed out how do we exactly define the word ‘tech’ as it is such a broad term. Louiza also wanted to reassure people not to be daunted by the word ‘tech’. What are your thoughts around the word ‘tech’ and why there aren’t more women in it?

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“Why aren’t there more women in tech?”