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On Wednesday 24th January we held a T-Level Education Discussion event with Lancaster & Morecambe College. Organised in partnership with the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) there were further education providers and local employers gathered in one room to discuss T-Levels.

T Levels are new, two-year, technical study programmes, designed with employers to give young people the skills that industry needs. They will provide a mixture of;

  • technical knowledge and skills specific to their chosen industry or occupation
  • an industry placement of at least 45 days in their chosen industry or occupation
  • relevant maths, English and digital skills.

T Levels will become one of three major options when a student reaches level 3, alongside apprenticeships for students who wish to study and train for a specific occupation ‘on the job’, and A levels for students who wish to continue academic education.

These were just some of the questions we hoped to answer on the day

  • What’s going on that is new in the industry?
  • What hasn’t changed?
  • What skills, knowledge and behaviours would students need to be employable in this workplace?
  • What career opportunities to progress are there in this workplace?
  • What role might a T level student realistically aspire to achieve?
  • What barriers might there be to students progressing from their course to the digital workplace?
  • What can be taken back to inform teaching and benefit students?
  • What could you share with students that will help them make better informed careers decisions?
  • Are there any myths that need busting?

Over the course of the morning, the room listened to 3 guest speakers which all touched on those questions above. After a coffee break, we engaged in a panel discussion with questions from the floor before enjoying a delicious lunch made by students in Coulson’s Restaurant.

Thanks to our speakers and panel members;

Whilst initial feedback suggests the event was successful in getting educators and employers in the same room, it’s important we provide a way for them to continue communicating effectively.

One attendee suggested at a next event there is an input from educators so that “employers can see exactly what the awarding bodies build into the qualifications and gain an understanding of the time and financial constraints on FE. This would then potentially support bridging the gaps in terms of what can be added to ensure learners leaving FE are prepared for the workplace.”

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T-Level Discussion Day : Further Education Providers and Local Employers