News / Lancaster Uni duo win Dyson award

Two university students who have developed a ‘spinning’ turbine that can capture wind from any direction have won this year’s UK James Dyson Award.

Nicholas Orellana and Yaseen Noorani from Lancaster University have developed a method to generate electricity from wind generated by buildings in city centres.

The pair’s ‘O-Wind Turbine’ is designed to harness urban air as a source for renewable energy.

Orellana and Noorani will receive £2,000 for winning the national award to help kickstart their product development.

The international winner will be selected from hundreds of applications later this year.

Orellana, who first became interested in the challenge of multidirectional wind after studying NASA’s Mars Tumbleweed rover, says he hopes the O-Wind Turbine will improve the usability and affordability of turbines for people across the world.

He added: “Cities are windy places, but we are currently not harnessing this resource. Our belief is that making it easier to generate green energy, people will be encouraged to play a bigger role in conserving our planet.”

Sir Kenneth Grange, chair of judges, said he was “captivated” by the simplicity of the design.

“Whilst the project, is still at the beginning of a long and gruelling journey of iterations and frustrations, the James Dyson Award exists to reward young engineers with vision,” he added.

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Lancaster Uni duo win Dyson award