News / every1 help launch new game into major retailers

Lancashire-based digital marketing agency every1 have helped launch a brand-new board game onto the UK high street and online.

‘FReNeTiC’, the frenzied word game of the elements, is a board game based on the periodic table. every1 worked with the creators of the game to devise a suitable brand for the new concept and designed all product packaging and assets. Associated deliverables to assist with the product launch, include design of print advertisements and design and development of a new website.

Despite the product still being in production, the game creators have already attracted the attention of major retailer John Lewis, who’ve confirmed they will stock the product in-store and online immediately.

This is not the first time that every1 and FReNeTiC’s creators have successfully worked together. Back in 2014 every1 helped the game creators launch another popular board game, named Accentuate®, which successfully secured funding from Peter Jones on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Dr. Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO of Accentuate Games said:

“The every1 team are brilliant. They’ve worked hard to support us at every stage of this fast-paced product launch and have perfectly converted our vision into a visually stunning reality, yet again.”

every1 help launch new game into major retailers