News / Britain’s AI sector outstripping rivals

The UK’s artificial intelligence sector is growing faster than rivals in America, Canada and Australia, paving the way for Britain to be the ‘global leader’ in AI technology.

That is the finding of new data released by job site Indeed.

AI technologies require highly skilled workers who can develop and maintain complex systems and applications. According to Indeed, demand from UK employers for these types of workers has almost tripled in the last three years.

Roles typically include data scientists and machine learning engineers, specialists who play a crucial part in teaching machines how to use and interpret data.

AI jobs also pay well above the UK average salary, with data scientists typically taking home £56,385 a year and machine learning engineers earning an average of £54,617 a year.

But despite the financial rewards on offer, finding the talent is still a challenge according to Indeed researchers, who found that the share of available AI jobs in Britain outstripped the share of interested candidates by six times.

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Britain’s AI sector outstripping rivals