News / Bowles urges investment in transport links

The director of strategy at property group Bruntwood has called for “sustained investment” to help unlock the potential of the Northern Powerhouse. Jessica Bowles also emphasised the importance of strengthening the transport links between the cities of the North.

Speaking to Insider about the Northern Powerhouse, she called on the government to invest long-term to unlock the potential of the North.

“Creating the conditions for the North to meet its economic potential will take sustained investment that lasts far beyond a single Parliament and we need to help government achieve that” she said.

“The power of a clear ambitious plan that lasts a generation is seen in Manchester and has been the single biggest reason for the city’s success over the last 20 years.”

Bowles identified transport as the number one issue that should be top of the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

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Bowles urges investment in transport links