News / welcomes two new clients

Digital Lancashire member, the data-driven digital marketing firm operating out of Lancaster University’s InfoLab21, has added two new clients to its roster.

Knight Training, one of the country’s largest training providers for licenced retail staff, and 3-1-5 Health Club, Lancaster’s premier health and fitness club, have turned to novi to enhance their digital presence.

MD Aaron Crewe said: “This represents a chance to further develop two businesses providing jobs and services locally.

“As a digital marketing firm, we believe we’re uniquely positioned to help businesses around us, as well as our clients further afield, to energise their local economy – something which has the potential to be great for everyone in the area.”

Meanwhile, Kate White has joined as account manager to support the agency’s growth.

“It’s important to us that we grow as our client base does,” Crewe added. “We want to continue to raise our standards of support for all of our clients over time, so as to ensure that we continue to provide an exceptional level of customer service.

“Kate brings a fresh perspective to the team. We challenge ourselves daily to perform better than yesterday and she is already performing exceptionally well.”

Via Prolific North welcomes two new clients