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Interview with Anthony Taylor – Empine

Anthony started his company Empine in 2015, with his business partner Jacob Knowles. Their company specialises in short-run print and multi-site print management projects for both corporate and education clients. The company’s mission is to return a service level to the print industry. With six years previous experience in the print industry, Anthony explained that print can be a daunting experience for clients if they are not au fait with the industry jargon.  

Speaking with Anthony, he explained how the Darwen Create pods have helped to shape the type of business that Empine has now become.

The startup space has allowed Empine to invest their funds in equipment and machinery, that would not have been possible, if they had a costly outlay on office rent in their initial setup phase.

This investment in production equipment has not only increased profitability by improving the profit margins on their jobs, but in having the space to house a production facility, it has also improved the growth of the company.

Most business incubation outfits offer businesses desk space and basic office equipment, which is shared, however Darwen Creates provides business space for start-ups that really allows us to make it our own, and has allowed us to have a production facility in house. This wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere.”

Darwen Creates offer people under 25 the opportunity to build a successful business, and provide resources, advice and support to help grow startups. Darwen Aldridge Academy is the first in the country to create a business hub within a high school, for use by business and students.

When asked if he felt the business incubation unit would have a positive impact on the local area’s future, Anthony said:

Darwen is coming up the ranks, something like this to help smaller companies to rise up, is a huge thing for the town.

Empine have recently undergone a small rebrand to offer an Empine Education, a part of the business that appeals to the education sector; a route the company decided to follow after receiving increasing amounts of projects from a number of north west based schools.

Lancashire County Councils’ Boost scheme provided the company with a days time from a business mentor, to help define the company’s offering and marketing of their services. This support has had a significant impact on the amount and scale of education work they receive.

Empine Printing are the print sponsor for Hive Blackburn and Darwen Business Awards, and will also be on the judging panel.


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