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The evening was hosted by the new collaborative working space Society1 in Preston, ahead of its official opening next week.

The space is contemporary and stylish, with quirky original features and wall art in reference to The Shining, it set the scene of the evening which felt informal and sociable.

Guy Levine’s introductory talk was very honest and considered, as he offered attendees the insight into the struggles he’s had whilst building up his businesses.

He talked of the growing pains when a company achieves a certain size, and that something happens when a company reaches around ten to fifteen employees, ‘things get weird’, and that after twenty ‘it all goes crazy’.

He confessed that the largest learning lesson for him in business has been learning to say thank you, and the impact that can have. Stressing that culture is important, and it should be looked after, as can impact business performance and staff retention; explaining, ‘if people are performing well, and your people management is bad, people leave’.

Guy gave some insight on ways he had shown his appreciation to staff in the past; creating tracking charts, which staff would pin their desired item upon, and if they met their KPI’s, the item would be obtained by the company for them, be it a home improvement or a dog. He believes this way of working encourages people to monitor their own performance, and that a gift to say thank you is a nicer way of rewarding people than a monetary bonus culture.

He urged everybody to celebrate. Celebrate not only the staff, but celebrate winning! Whether it is new business, or just surviving a terrible month.

Following the introduction, the Digital Roundtable staff explained the format of the event, and put the first question to the room; What is going well in your business?

Nathaniel Cassidy from 3ManFactory initiated the discussions, enlightening the room about the advances in technology and social platforms allowing for ‘real time’ streaming, and how beneficial to his business these advancements have been, providing an additional service offering to his clients.

Jeremy Coates, CEO of Magma digital highlighted the GDPR Compliance changes that are coming into effect next year, and urged all agencies working on current projects to consider the changes, as the reach is far, with any global company having to comply with the ruling if they have EU citizen data.  

More information can be found here;

Ross Holland from Makers Academy announced that his company has just struck a partnership with Amazon to train Alexa developers, and that the current uptake of the courses his company provide are 52% female, which is unprecedented in the sector.

Finally, after the positive news, the topic turned to the challenges faced by people in the room. One person in particular was extremely kandid about the struggles of ‘feast or famine’ with work, and in the spirit of community the event attendees offered no end of advice on marketing avenues, contractual changes, communications and payment plans, all of which were accompanied by anecdotes and personal experience.

The Digital Roundtable event in partnership with Digital Lancashire will be a regular event in Lancashire, occurring approximately every two months.

Details to follow about the events next location.

Digital Roundtable Roundup