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The Death of Digital

The death of ‘digital’ is imminent, not a headline you would expect to see, however I am by no means suggesting we are regressing, but that in order to conduct business within a digital age, we should no longer be ‘doing digital’ as a siloed activity. We should just be conducting business effectively in a digital age, leveraging the technologies available to us. In order to do this, most businesses will at some stage, undergo a period of ‘digital transformation’.

Digital transformation is part of a larger technological process, and is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. However, that is the broadest description of the term, and you are more likely to hear ‘digital transformation’ with regards to business models and processes.

The digital transformation process is simply taking a current business activity or process, and striving to improve it based on technological resources that are available. Although it is not technical, it can however be difficult to see what processes need transforming, and what it is that should replace them.

Although the processes required to change will be unique to every business, we have put together a few points for consideration that may help the transition run smoothly.


Get input from all areas of the business.

Although a digital transformation may be spearheaded by the company’s ‘digital expert’ it should always get input from all areas of the business.


Senior backing.

In order for new tech savvy processes to be successful, the senior business people must back them. Not only back them, but employ them themselves. Most people within an organisation will look to the top for guidance, so the senior members must also be on board, or cultures will never change.


Put customers needs first.

This is possibly the most important point, as no matter what changes you champion within your business, if the customer or client doesn’t want it, it won’t work. This week saw a news story focus on Elon Musk,  Tesla’s CEO, who responded to a customer’s feedback on twitter immediately, and implemented a major change* within his business in just six days. That is an incredible response rate, and will have no doubt been an incredible boost for Tesla PR.


*For those interested, the change Tesla made was in relation to people using the charging points as parking spaces, therefore blocking other users from being able to charge their cars. Musk implemented a charge to cars utilising the space with a full battery after a small grace period.


Get the right system in place.

This can be extremely difficult. It is imperative that a change is made for the better, and the new systems in place do in fact improve the service, and don’t just use digital for the sake of using new technologies. The best platforms, software and data strategy will not be the same for everybody they will be unique to your business.


There are however plenty of businesses and services to help with digital transformation, if you would like help and support finding these services, then please do get in touch. Our aim is to support businesses in Lancashire with whatever challenges they may face.


We would love to hear from our members about their experiences with digital transformation, please get in touch with your stories, questions and comments.

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