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Tech Nation Survey

Tech Nation needs your help! They need everybody who operates within the tech sector in the UK to share its voice in its annual survey.

Tech Nation 2016 provided the most detailed analysis to date of how the digital sector is driving economic growth, showcasing the innovation and energy of tech hubs across the UK.  The report was well received around the world and has become a beacon of information into the performance of 27 of the UK’s digital clusters.

The survey takes seven minutes to complete, and participating you will have the possibility of being featured as one of over 40 case studies in the Tech Nation 2017 report.

Deadline:  5th December 2016

Please help us get everybody in the region involved!

To help us raise awareness, please use the #digitallancs and #technation hashtags and let everyone know that you have taken part, by sharing on twitter/linkedin or facebook



Tech Nation Report – We Need You !!!